I am fascinated by the power of imagination and the innate capacity for transformation in every living being.  I am intrigued by the constructedness of identity and the vulnerability of our personal truths.


In my work I look at the embodiment of our feelings, ideologies and cultures and the dialectics of them. What is it that makes us human after all?

I wonder how we shape ourselves, each other and the spaces we roam. The links between personal and collective memory, heritage, the many concepts of home and the workings of social bonds are core topics of my interest.


All this, I seek to spot through the looking glass of

magic realism and making use of the psychologies

of embodiment, space and perception.


I usually work in collaboration.



I was born in 1987 and raised in Upper Austria. After graduation I went to live in Vienna for 12 years. There I studied Romance Philology and British and American Studies alongside a teacher training program at the University of Vienna. I taught at two public schools and worked as a photo editor and graphic designer for the queer_feminist magazine fiber.

In 2017 I started my studies of photography at the Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands. I graduated in 2021. I am currently working as an art and language educator, learning coach and visual artist in The Hague.



Exile and Retreat
@Foto Wien,
Galerie Lumina,

Vienna (March 2022)



@Publieke Werken,

Rotterdam (July 2021)

Matriarchal Spring
@Graduation Show,
Royal Academy of Art,

The Hague (July 2021)


Shapes of Dissent

@The Grey Space in the Middle,
The Hague (January 2020)


The Cookbook
@Fotogallerie Wien,

Vienna (July 2017)



Commissioned Work


Campaign 2020/21
@White Ribbon Austria

Vienna/The Hague (2020)

Editorial photography

Das feministische Magazin,

Vienna/The Hague (2018 and 2021)





"Care and Collaborative Practices"
@Royal Academy of Art, Department of Fine Arts
The Hague, NL (2021)


Workshop ‘‘band photography /

feminist imagery’’

@Pink Noise Girlsrock Camp
Hollabrunn, AT (2015)

 ‘‘ Exile and Retreat ’’ on show at Galerie Lumina (Vienna), March 2022, (Photo: Thomas Eisl)

‘‘ Matriarchal Spring ’’ on show at Royal Academy of Art (Den Haag), July 2021

‘‘ Shapes of Dissent ’’ on show at The Grey Space in the Middle (Den Haag), January 2020

‘‘ The Cookbook ’’ on show at Fotogalerie Wien, July 2017, (Photo: Reinhard Nadrchal)