Im curious about 

how youve become 

who you are.


What are the behavioral patterns that connect us and what is it that makes every single one of us unique?

With this question I presently seek to introduce my fascination

with collective and individual memory in connection with the human consciousness. I am interested in how people influence each other and how we actively shape ourselves and our social environment. 

In line with this, I am exploring the mechanisms of identity formation

and its performance.

I do my research, I enter in situations and dialogues with others and myself. I explore, direct, photograph, videotape and take notes with paper and pencil. With this inventory I investigate and relate my own experiences to the ones of others.



Shapes of Dissent

@The Grey Space in the Middle,
The Hague (January 2020)


The Cookbook
@Fotogallerie Wien,

Vienna (July 2017)



Commissioned Work


Editorial photography

Das feministische Magazin,

Vienna/The Hague (June 2018)





Workshop ‘‘band photography /

feminist imagery’’

@Pink Noise Girlsrock Camp
Hollabrunn, AT (July 2015)



Related Professional Work


Picture Editor and Graphic Designer
@fiber/Werkstoff für Feminismus und Popkultur, Vienna (2012-2016)



Artistic Formation


Student of photography BA
@Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag (since 2017)


Visiting student 
@Schule Friedl Kubelka / Schule für Künstlerische Photographie Wien,

Vienna (2016-2017)


Visiting student 
@Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien,

 Vienna (2016-2017)

                                                      Pink Noise Girlsrock Camp, July 2015, (Photos: Tina Bauer)

‘‘ Shapes of Dissent ’’ on show at The Grey Space, January 2020

‘‘ The Cookbook ’’ on show at Fotogalerie Wien, July 2017, (Photo: Reinhard Nadrchal)

editorial photography for  An.schläge / Das feministische Magazin, June 2018